Will of
Charles John 
) 1782 - 1829, 31st Aug 1823

probate May 1830

Transcribed by Michael Sadleir verbatim from the copy in Somerset

This is the last will and testament of me, Charles John, Earl of
Blessington, of that part of the United Kingdom called Ireland. I give
to Luke Norman, Esquire, for and during the time he shall continue
agent of my estates, in the county and city of Dublin, and in the
county of Tyrone, twelve hundred pounds per annum, in lieu of
receivor's fees. I appoint Alfred d'Orsay, Court [sic] of (---), in
France, Luke Norman, Esquire, and Alexander Worthington, Esquire, my
executors; and I give unto each of them one thousand pounds. I give to
Isabella Binny, Michael McDonough, and John Bullock, one hundred
pounds each. I give and devise my real and personal estates to said
Alfred d'Orsay, Luke Norman, and Alexander Worthington, for the
following purposes. First for the payment of two thousand pounds,
(British) per annum, inclusive of the one thousand pounds settled on
her at the time of my marriage), to my wife, Margaritte, or Margaret,
Countess of Blessington; and I give to her all her own jewels,
requesting that she may divide my late wife's jewels between my two
daughters at the time of her decease. I give to Robert Power and Mary
Ann Power one thousand pounds each. I give to my daughter, Harriet
Anne Jane Frances, commonly called Lady Harriet, born at my house at
Seymour Place, London on or about the 3rd day of August, 1812, all my
estates in the county and city of Dublin, subject to the following
charges, provided she intermarries with my friend, and intended
son-in-law Alfred d'Orsay. If the said Harriet Ann do not marry the
said Alfred d'Orsay I bequeath her the sum of ten thousand pounds
only. I give to my daughter, Emily Rosalie Hamilton, generally called
Lady Mary Gardiner, born in Manchester Square, on the 24th June, 1811,
whom I now acknowledge and adopt as my daughter, the sum of twenty
thousand pounds. In case the said Alfred d'Orsay intermarries with the
said Emily, otherwise mary Gardiner, I bequeath to her my estates in
the county and City of Dublin. The annuity of two thousand pounds per
annum British to be paid to my beloved wife out of the said estates. I
give to my son, Charles John, who I [desire] may take the name of
Stuart Gardiner, born in Portman Square on the 3rd day of February,
1810, all my estates in the county of Tyrone, subject to the following
charges: also the reversion of my Dublin estates in case of failure of
male issue of said daughters. In case of male issue lawfully begotten,
I leave these estates to the second son of Alfred d'Orsay and my
daughter; or if only one son to him; in case of failure of male issue,
to go to the male issue of my other daughter. My estates are to be
subject, in the first instance to the payment of my debts. I give to
my wife the lease of my house in London, at the expiration of which
the furniture, books, etc., etc., are to be removed to the intended
residence at Mountjoy Forest; and I direct that the said hosue be
built according to the plan now laid down, and do empower my said
executors to borrow money for the said purpose. I give to my wife all
my carriages, paraphernalia and plate. I give to my son, Charles John,
my plate, wardrobe, [swords], etc., etc., etc. I appoint Alfred
d'Orsay guardian of my son Charles John, until he arrive at the age of
twenty-five years, the settlement of twelve thousand pounds to be null
and void on his obtaining the Tyrone estates. I appoint my beloved
wife guardian of my daughter Harriet Anne; and I appoint my sister
Harriet, guardian of my daughter, commonly called Lady Mary. I give to
Isabella McDougal, of Perth, one hundred pounds per annum for her
life, it being bequeathed her by my first wife Mary Campbell,
Viscountess Mountjoy. I give to the National Gallery, intended to be
formed in London under royal protection, my picture of the "Three
Graces" by Sir Joshua Reynolds, with a desire that "the gift of
Charles John E[arl] of B[lessington]," may be affixed to the said
picture, as an encouragement to others to contribute to the said
collection. I give to my sister, Harriet Gardiner, five hundred
[pounds] per annum for her natural life. I revoke all other wills, by
me made, and declare this to be my last will and testament; In witness
whereof, I have to this my last will, contained in five sheets of
paper, set to the first four my hand, and to this, the fifth and last,
my hand and seal, this 31st day of August, 1823.
Blessinton [seal]
The witnesses included C.J. Mathews.