Will of
+ 1823
, 1st Jan 1823

Proved 12 March 1823 Will of
William Bilton

This will is held in Public
Records Office National

It begins...

This is the last will and Testament of
William Bilton late of the City of York and now of Haxby in the County
of York, Esquire on the first day of January, in the year of our Lord
one thousand eight hundred and twenty three I give and bequeath to Mrs
Smith the widow of (Laurence?) Smith (late of the City of York xx xxx
and to his three daughters Mary, Ann and Sarah nineteen guineas each
and give and bequeath to Margaret Wallis the wife of Edward Wallis of
the City of York (surgeon?) the sum of two hundred pounds for which
her own xxxx notwithstanding her covenant xx will be sufficient Item I
give and bequeath to the said Edward Wallis and to John Brook of the
City of York Gentleman the sum of fifty pounds apiece as an
acknowledgement for their trouble they will have in executing the xx
(early?) xxx (in?) Item I give and bequeath xx xx Robert Stadley of
Haxby nineteen guineas to Hannah Harrison now (visiting?) with her
sister Ann Harrison nineteen guineas and to my servant Richard
Robinson the sum of one hundred pounds and I xxx that the said
legacies hereinforth bequeathed shall be paid as soon as xxxxxx x may
be after my decease and that such of xxx as are (subject?) to the
legacy duty shall be paid first from such duty I give and bequeath to
the four children of the said Margaret Wallis by Thomas Smith her late
husband the sum of two hundred and fifty pounds apiece to be paid to
them respectively free from the legacy duty on them respectively
attaining the age of twenty