1881 (UK) Census Entry for Nother Wood, Lyndhurst, Hants., , England

Dwelling Nother Wood
Census Place Lyndhurst, Hampshire, England
Family History Library Film 1341294
Public Records Office Reference RG11
Piece / Folio 1202 / 25
Page Number 7


Name Relation Marital Status Gender Age Birthplace Occupation
Edith LONDESBOROUGH Wife (Head) M Female 42 London,
Middlesex, England Baroness
William F.H. DENISON Son U Male 16 London, Middlesex,
England Scholar
Edith H.S. DENISON Daur U Female 15 London, Middlesex,
England Scholar
Lilian K.S. DENISON Daur U Female 13 London,
Middlesex, England Scholar
Ida E.A. DENISON Daur U Female 11 London, Middlesex,
England Scholar
Mildred A.C. DENISON Daur U Female 9 London,
Middlesex, England Scholar
Marie L. COPPELAND Governess U Female 27 Paris, France
Governess Private
Alice WEDENBAUM Governess U Female 22 Solothurn,
Switzerland Governess Private
Arthur WALSH Bro In Law M Male 53 London, Middlesex,
England Baron Drwathaite (Peer)
Katherine E.M. WALSH Sister M Female 45 London,
Middlesex, England Baroness Drwathwaite
Edith K. WALSH Niece U Female 20 London, Middlesex,
Emily G. WALSH Niece U Female 10 London, Middlesex,
George S. DAVIS Controller U Male 49 London,
Middlesex, England Lieut Colonel Unattached
Edgar FORD Tutor U Male 26 New Romney, Kent, England
Graduate Of Oxford B.A. (Prof)
William COUCHMAN Serv U Male 42 Haddon, Kent, England
Butler Domestic Serv
Elizabeth FOSTER Serv U Female 39 Firll, Sussex,
England Cook Dom
Louise TRABERT Serv W Female 28 Switzerland Ladys
Edward COSTER Serv U Male 30 Dean, Wiltshire, England
Groom Of Chambers (Dom)
Thomas DOYLE Serv U Male 30 Sefton, Lancashire,
England Under Butler
James MOORE Serv U Male 24 St Austell, Cornwall,
England Footman
Benjamin FOWLES Serv U Male 26 Bayswater, Middlesex,
England Footman
William ISLES Serv U Male 18 Thorpe, Surrey, England
Henry BURTON Serv U Male 18 London, Middlesex, England
Steward Room Boy
Elizabeth GODFREY Serv U Female 30 Stone, Kent,
England Housemaid (Dom)
Emily TAYLOR Serv U Female 28 Haddenham, Cambridge,
England Housemaid (Dom)
Agnes NICHOLLS Serv U Female 26 Worcester, England
Housemaid (Dom)
Eliza SEYMOUR Serv U Female 29 Northanger, Bedford,
England Stillroom Maid
Alice M.J. BAKER Serv U Female 20 Rodbourne,
Wiltshire, England Stillroom Maid
Edith A. CURRIE Serv U Female 20 Salisbury, Wiltshire,
England Stillroom Maid
Charlotte F. SPEED Serv U Female 20 Stratfield
Targeus, Hampshire, England Nursemaid
Annie L. TAYLOR Serv U Female 17 London, Middlesex,
England Nursemaid
Georgina COSWELL Serv U Female 25 Horringer, Suffolk,
England Kitchenmaid
Harriet GRIGGS Serv U Female 24 S. Hanningfield,
Essex, England Kitchenmaid
Annie J. REID Serv U Female 21 Aberdeen, Scotland
Scullery Maid
Mary J. FOSTER Serv U Female 30 Londes Borough, York,
England Needlewoman
Jane COLE Visitor U Female 24 Fifehead Neville,
Dorset, England Nurse (Dom)
Isabella MACKENZIE Visitor U Female 28 Blairathol,
Scotland Ladys Maid