1881 (UK) Census Entry for The Priory, Brinkburn, Northumberland, , England


Name Relation Marital Status Gender Age Birthplace Occupation
Cadogan Hodgson CADOGAN Head M Male 54 Dawlish, Devon,
England Justice Of The Peace Northd (Oth Court Off)
Isabel Mary CADOGAN Wife M Female 55 London Langham
Place, London, Middlesex, England
Arthur CADOGAN Son U Male 32 Blendon Bexley, Kent,
England Civil Engineer
Alice Mildred CADOGAN Daur U Female 23 London 29
Chester St, London, Middlesex, England
Florence Octavia CADOGAN Daur U Female 19 London 29
Chester St, London, Middlesex, England
Mabel K.M. CADOGAN Daur U Female 16 London 20 Rutland
Gate, London, Middlesex, England Scholar
Hilda Frances CADOGAN Daur U Female 14 London 20
Rutland Gate, London, Middlesex, England Scholar
Josephine Ann AMES Niece U Female 13 London 38 Eaton
Sq, London, Middlesex, England Scholar
Anna ARMSTRONG Serv U Female 40 Canada Teacher
Robert FOSTER Serv M Male 41 Long Whitton,
Northumberland, England Butler (Dom Serv)
Isabella FOSTER Visitor M Female 44 Roxburgh, Scotland
Butlers Wife
Annie LEWIS Serv Visitor M Female 31 Bath, Somerset,
England Ladys Maid (Dom Serv)
Bertha WILLIAMS Serv Visitor U Female 24 Tytherton,
Wiltshire, England Ladys Maid (Dom Serv)
Sarah TAYLOR Serv Visitor U Female 24 Gateshead,
Durham, England Cook (Dom Serv)
Margaret TAYLOR Serv U Female 15 Gateshead, Durham,
England Kitchen Maid (Dom Serv)
Jane GRAINGER Serv U Female 29 Heighington, Durham,
England Housemaid Dom Ser
Mary ROGERSON Serv U Female 17 Gateshead, Durham,
England Under Housemaid Dom Ser
George SHORT Serv U Male 42 Benilton, Northumberland,
England Coachman Dom Serv
John Francis HILL Serv U Male 23 London, London,
Middlesex, England Footman Dom Ser
Thos. JEFFRIES Serv U Male 21 Felton, Northumberland,
England Under Footman Dom Ser
William SCOTT Serv U Male 17 Morpeth, Northumberland,
England Groom Dom Ser

Source Information:
Dwelling The Priory
Census Place High Low & South Brinkburn, Northumberland, England
Family History Library Film 1342240
Public Records Office Reference RG11
Piece / Folio 5138 / 56
Page Number 3