1851 (UK) Census Entry for
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"Returns Of Europeans Residing in Districts Under the Bombay
Presidency on 30 March 1851"

This census is of the European inhabitants of the Bombay Presidency,
but excludes Bombay City and Island. I have transcribed this from the
copy held in the India Office Records at the British Library. It can
be found in the General Proceedings, 3 September 1851. IOR


Also spelt Sind and Sindh.

Surname Name Relationship to Head of Family Condition Sex Age
Rank, Profession or Occupation Where born

580 FRERE H.B.E. Head Married M - Commissioner in Scinde
581 FRERE Catherine Wife Married F 30 - Honduras, West Indies
582 FRERE Catherine F. Daughter - F 2 - Sattara
583 FRERE Georgiana Daughter - F 1 - Mahableshwur, Deccan
584 PARKINSON Emma Servant Unmarried F 31 - England,
585 FRERE Elizabeth Brothers Widow - F 21 Annutant
586 FRERE William A.J. Nephew - M 2 Son of the above Agra