1881 (UK) Census Entry for 50 Warwick sq, London, , , England


Name Relation Marital Status Gender Age Birthplace Occupation
William Houston STEWART Head M Male 58 Scotland
Vice Admiral & Controller Of The Navy K C B
Blanche C. STEWART Wife M Female 35 Scotland Lady

Catherine C. STEWART Daur U Female 26 (British Sub),
Louisa M.E. STEWART Daur U Female 22 Stoke Devonport,
Devon, England
Blanche N. STEWART Daur Female 7 Pimlico, Middlesex,
England Scholar
Mary E. CORRY Sister In Law U Female 34 Pimlico,
Middlesex, England
Rhoda THORNTON Serv U Female 36 Lewes, Sussex, England
Cook Dom Serv
Elizabeth BALDWIN Serv U Female 42 S Pickenham,
Norfolk, England Ladys Maid & Nurse Dom Serv
Allcotine BOYSEN Serv U Female 27 (For), Germany
Ladys Maid Dom Serv
Hannah PEARSON Serv U Female 30 Spratton, Northampton,
England Housemaid Dom Serv
Augusta JAMES Serv U Female 22 Biddenham, Bedford,
England Housemaid Dom Serv
Emma BRISTOW Serv U Female 21 Bondleigh, Devon,
England Kitchenmaid Dom Serv
Frederick HOLE Serv U Male 26 Plymouth, Devon, England
Footman Dom Serv

Source Information:
Dwelling 50 Warwick Sq
Census Place London, Middlesex, England
Family History Library Film 1341024
Public Records Office Reference RG11
Piece / Folio 0104 / 89
Page Number 36