Will of
) c. 1786 - 1872, 14th Jun 1871

proved 25 Jan 1873.

The National Archives Bishop Street, Dublin, where the Calendar of
Wills are held, look for 1876, search back and on 25th January 1873
the following information was found:
Robert Power
Effects under 2,000
The will of Robert Power late of upper Dangan Galway late clerk of the
peace for the county of Galway deceased who died 17th December 1872 at
the same place was proved at the Principal Registry by the oath of
Edward Thomas Stapleton at No 28 College Green Dublin Solicitor the
sole executor.
Unfortunately this will no longer existed, as the entire collections
of wills were destroyed in the fire in the four courts in 1922. There
are a few will books from which the original wills were transcribed,
but do not apply to this case.

Freeman's Journal 19 June 1875
In The Landed Estates Court, Ireland County of the town of Galway In
the Matter of the Estate of Edward Thomas Stapleton, Trustee for Sale
under the Will of Robert Power, deceased, dated 14th June 1871,
Owner and petitioner, TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, before the Honourable
Judge Flanagan, At the Landed Estates Court, Inn's Quay, In the City
of Dublin, On Friday, the 25th of June 1875, at the hour of twelve
o'clock noon, In Two Lots -
Part of the Lands of Upper Dangan, called Leightrough, containing 43a.
1r. 25p. statute measure, or thereabouts, and that part of the Lands
of Clayton Lodge, containing 7a. 1r. 15p. like measure, held in fee,
situate in the Parish of Rahoon and County of the Town of Galway,
producing a net profit-rent of 105 12s. 4d.
The Lands of Knocknoamuckels, otherwise Upper Dangan, containg 41a.
0r. 29p, or thereabouts, situate in the Parish of Rahoon and County of
the Town of Galway, held under lease date 4th September, 1856, for
three lives (two of whom are now in being) and forty-one years after
the survivor. producing a net annual profit-rent of 85 11s. 0d.
Dated this 13th day of May, 1875.
Henry Robert Green, Chief Clerk
Descriptive Particulars
Lot 1 - The lands comprising this lot are mostly in grass and well
fenced, and would form beautiful sites for building.
Lot2- Upon this lot there is a good slated dwelling-house (the
residence of the late Robert Power). The house and lands command a
magnificent view of Lough Corrib and Galway Bay.
the late Robert Power expended upwards of 2,000 in permanent
improvements on the above lands.
Lots 1 and 2 are situate within about a mile and a half from the town
of Galway, close to the road leading from Galway to Oughterard.
proposals will be received by the Solicitor having carriage of sale up
to Thursday, the 10th day of June, 1875, and if approved will be
submitted to the judge.
For rentals and other particulars apply to the registrar, landed
Estates Couirt, Inn's Quay, Dublin; or to
GEORGE C. STAPLETON, Solicitor, having carriage of Sale. 28 College
green, Dublin. 5775