Will of
Edward (Ned) 
) 1621 - 1713, 1713

proved 7 Jan 1713

Description Will of Edward Proger of Saint Martin in the Fields,
Date 07 January 1714
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Dept Records of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury
Series Prerogative Court of Canterbury and related Probate
Jurisdictions: Will Registers
Piece Name of Register: Aston Quire Numbers: 1 - 43
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Other trustees are Henry, Earl of Rochester and Thomas Elliott.

Three daughters - he doesn't say who is married to whom!


Was there a son called Phillip who died bef. 1713?

I Edward Proger of the parish of St. Martin in the fields in the city
of \\~est- minster esquire, being in bodily health but considering the
uncertainty of human
life, do make this my last will. And first 1 do commend my soul into
the hands of Almighty God that gave it me ; and by the merits alone of
his son Jesus Christ
I expect salvation ; and my body I do bequeath to the earth from
whence it came
to be buried decently where my trustees shall appoint. I appoint my
honoured friend Henry, Earl of Rochester, Thomas Elliott Esq. and Mr.
Edwards, my son in law, trustees and executors of this will and the
overplus of my
estate remaining after my debts and legacyes and funerall charges
shall be paid.
I give unto Henry, Earl of Rochester, ten pounds to buy a ring to wear
in remembrance of his most obliged servant To Mr. John Edwards, my son
in law, ten pounds to buy mourning, and twenty pounds per annum for
his care and trouble
in the excution of this will, to be continued to him only during the
time he shall have occasion to act therein. I give to the Poor of St.
Martin in the feilds where
I was born $. To the Poor of Hampton by Hampton Court 5. To the Poor
of Westow in Suffolk 5. To the Poor of Chreakhowell in Brecknockshire
I give to my grandson John Edwards ^"200 out of the Lottery of 7 per
cent drawn
in the year 1710, with the interest thereof, and 10 more for to buy
him mourning.
To my grand-daughter Elizabeth Booth ^"200 out of the said lottery
with the
interest thereof, and \o more to buy her mourning. To Edvvard Pieroe
5. To Goodwin Lewis 5 and my wearing apparel. To all my servants that
shall serve me att the time of my death half a year's wages over and
above such as shall be due to them. The overplus of my reall and
personal! estate, after my debts
and such of my son's debts as I shall order to be paid under my hand
and seal, legacyes and funerall charges discharged, I give to my three
daughters, Phillipa,
Katherine and Frances, to be equally divided between them in siich
manner as my executors shall appoint, into three equal shares as they
can possibly make them,
Phillipa to make the first choice, and then the rest as in priority of
birth. In wittness whereof I have hereunto sett my hand and seal this
second day
of July, 1713. Witnesses: Ralph Palmer. Ann Disincer. Richard
Marriott. Edward
Stephenson. Scr : near Charing Cross. Proved Jan. 7, 1713, by Henry,
Earl of Rochester, Thomas Elliott arm : and
John Edwards, executors. P.C.C. 12 Aston.