1891 (UK) Census Entry for
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1891 Census - Yarmouth
Emily Abel, head, Widow, 42, living on own means, born Exeter,
Mary Abel, dau, S, 17, [no occupation shown], born Tottenham,
Alice Abel, dau, S, 15, scholar, born Tottenham
Percy Abel, son, S, 13, scholar, born Tottenham
Matthew Abel, son, S, 11, scholar, born Tottenham
Kathleen Abel, dau, S, 5, scholar, born Tottenham
Emily's daughter Fanny Maud is shown as staying with her grandmother
[Emily's mother] at Wimbish [see entry below]
Emily is shown as a widow on the 1891 Census although her husband is
still alive and living in Croydon - see his notes section for the
Census data.