1881 (UK) Census Entry for Park House, Ryde, Isle of Wight, Hants., , England

Civil Parish: St Helens
County/Island: Hampshire
Country: England

Street address: Park House
Condition as to marriage: Married
Registration district: Isle Of Wight
Sub registration district: Ryde
ED, institution, or vessel: 16
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Household Members:
Name Age
Pauline Baumgaston 31
Marian R. Bowden 25
Ann W. Fanshawe 53
Basil H. Fanshawe 12
Charles Fanshawe 63
Gerald C. Fanshawe 10
John E. Fanshawe 8
Mabel F. Fanshawe 12
Zilla M. Fanshawe 29
Mary Rose 52
Mary E. Spackett 17