Will of
Maurice George 
) 1757 - 1821, 1st Dec 1818

Attested copy of the will of Maurice George Bisset, late of Knighton
within the parish of Newchurch, I.W., but now resident in Bath, dated
1 December 1818 AC/90/50/12 23 March 1822

a. to my dear wife, Harriet Bisset, my manor of Shepton Mallet,
Somerset, held on lease from the Duchy of Cornwall, in lieu of any
annuity or rights of dower and hope she will give it at her death to
our two daughters, and all my household goods to my wife for life and
then to our two daughters, Jane Harriet Bissett and Ann Bissett
b. I request and desire my friends, Villiers William Villiers and
Thomas Sewell, esq., who are trustees in a deed dated 14 June 1811,
after my death to levy out of Great Budbridge and Moore in the parish
of Arreton and out of the tythes of the same and out of Mersley, p.
Newchurch, the sum of 10,000 to my executrix and executor hereafter
named which sum with all my other personal estate I give to my wife
and my friends Richard Goden Simeon and said Thomas Sewell upon trust
to pay my debts and invest the remainder in public funds and pay to
each of my daughters 100 a year until the decease of my wife or until
their marriages and then 3,000 each as marriage portions and after
her death all moneys equally among my two daughters - my daughter Ann
to have 1,000 more than her sister, because her sister had 1,000
given her by the will of her grandmother, the late Countess of
Peterborough. My wife and two friends, Richard Godin Simeon and Thomas
Sewell, to be executors
[He died at Lessendrum, Scotland on 16 December 1821]