Will of
1773 - 1861, 27th Feb 1857

Powys CC holds:
R/D/PHP/38 (Formerly numbered C.94/242)
1. Revd. Hyam Burn, rector of Rushangles, co.Suffolk, prebend of
p.Llangunllo, co.Radnor
2. John Greenhouse of Norton, co.Radnor, gent.; Revd. John Price of
Bleddfa, co.Radnor
3. George Green of Knighton, esq.
Lease to 2. Of prebend and church of Llangunllo with chapel of
Pillith, ms., glebe, tithes etc. for lives of Richard Dansey Green,
late of Knighton, now of 20 Whitehall Place, city of Westminster,
gent.(age 22) , Joseph Brown of Knighton (19), and Charles Brown (11)
another son of Revd. James Richard Brown, incumbent of Knighton.
Rent : 26 to 1.
Recitals :
a) Lease, 26th July 1856
1. Revd. Hyam Burn
2. Richard Price of Knighton
of same for lives of Price, R. Dansey Green, and J. Brown. Same
b) Deed of Covenant, 26th July 1856
1. Revd. Hyam Burn
2. Richard Price of Knighton
for renewal of lease of above.
c) Will of Richard Price, 27th Feb 1857, devising freehold, copyhold
and customary manors, ms. etc. to use of nephew George Green
(party) (details). Codicil of same 24th Jan and 4th June 1859. Death
of testator 10th April 1861. Probate 20th Aug 1861.
Dorse :
Assignment of lease, 1
March 1867
1. John Greenhouse and John Price
2. Revd. Thomas Green, late of Stowe, co.Salop, now Aymestry,
3. George Green
4. Revd. Edward Jonathan Green of Leintwardine, co.Hereford
to 4. of same prebend etc. for lives of Richard Dansey Green now
Richard Dansey Green price, Joseph Brown and Charles Brown etc.
Recitals 1856-67
Appended : 7th March 1907 : Memorandum by Church Commissioners
apportioning yearly rent of 26.