Will of
Ann Llewellin 
) + 1837, 16th Oct 1837

proved 17 Jul 1838 200

Title Anne Llewellin Fowke : 1838.
In St. David's Probate Records, 1556-1858 (WlAbNL)3650004
Details Fowke, Anne Llewellin, Tenby (St Mary), Pembroke

Anne Llewellin Fowke : will, 1838.

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Title: Eileen and Harry Green Papers: Will of Anne Llewellin Fowke. A
photograph of the last folio of the will of Anne Llewellin Fowke, 16
October ...,
Is Part Of: Eileen and Harry Green Papers
Description: Will of Anne Llewellin Fowke. A photograph of the last
folio of the will of Anne Llewellin Fowke, 16 October 1837.
Related Titles: Eileen and Harry Green Papers,
Creation Date: [pre 1973].
llewellin-fowke-16-october; 4.
Source: AtoM
Institution: National Library of Wales


Anne Llewellin Fowke
Proved 17th July 1838

In the name God Amen, I Anne Llewellin Fowke of the Parish of St
Marg't Town of Tenby County of Pembroke being of sound mind and
understanding thankful for all mercies considering life uncertain,
xxxxx write my last will and testament.

In case I the said Anne Llewellin Fowke die without issue I leave the
whole of my preoperty real and personal to my dearly beloved husband
Sunderland Clay Fowke during his life, only, he is to pay my half
sister Mary Lewis, twenty pounds per annum from it during her life and
at his, the said Sunderland Clay Fowke's decease, the property is to
be equally divided between the said Mary Lewis and my cousin Fanny
Price Gwyther (Sp?) - the furniture left at his disposal -

But should I died leaving children, my husband Sunderland Clay Fowke
is to have the whole of the property during his life to educate and
maintain them, and after his decease, the said property to be equally
between my children.

I nominate and appoint my dear husband Sunderland Clay Fowke my
Executor, and request my funeral expenses and just debts may be paid
from the sale of the furniture of Little Paragon No. 3 - that, being
the house I furnished before my marriage.

I also request that, the the event of the decease of my husband
Suynderland Clay Fowke, before my children have come of age, that
Fanny Gwyther and Mary Lewis be apponted joint Exutrices to this my
last will and testamnet, and that the said Fanny Gwyther annd Mary
lewis shall bring them up and educate them.

And further, in the event of Mary lewis dying without issue, her share
of the abovce property to be left to Fanny Gwyther or her heirs. In
witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal the 16th day of
October in the year of our Lord One thousand eight hundred and thirty
Signed sealed published and declared by the said Anne Llewellin Fowke,
as and for her last will and testament in the presence of us who at
her request in her presence and in the rpesence of each other have
hereunto set our name as witnesses

J.H. Morgan
Thomas Gwyther
Martha Bowen

Let this will be registered and administration granted to Sunderland
Clay Fowke, esq. the executor therein named, he being duly sworn
thereto this 17 day of July 1838.

before me,
James Dalton

Effects sworn under 200.

(For Executors)
Diocese of St. David's

Archdeaconaries of St David's, Cardigan, and Carmarthen, In the
Consistory Court, At Carmarthen

At Tenby the seventeenth day of July 1838

Appeared personally Sunderland Clay Fowke of the parish of St Mary
Tenby in the County of Pembroke Esquire

Executor named in the last Will and Testament of Anne Llewllin Fowke
late of teh parish of St Mary Tenby in the County of Pembroke
deceased, who died on the eighteenth day of October, one thousand
eight hundred and thirthy seven and made oath that the estate of the
said will is to be granted (exclusive of what the Deceased may have
been possessed of, or entitled to, as a Trustee for any otrher person
or persons, and not beneficially, but including the Leashold estates,
for years of the Deceased, whether absolute or determinable on Lives,
and without deducting any thing on account of teh Debts due and owing
from the deceased) are under the Value of two hundred pounds to the
best of this deponent's knowledge information and belief

Sworn at teh time and place above mentioned
Sunderland Clay Fowke.
before me
James DAlton

In the Goods of Anne Llewellin Fowke deceased