Will of
Rev. Humphrey 
1729 - 1819, 23rd Sep 1818

CvM downloaded scan from NA 18/8/230


23 Sep 1818
Copy of will of Humphrey Jones, trector of Llanfaethly, co. Anglesey

Devises lands and tmts. Pantyraderyn, Pant Kawgan, Penlan, Pantydwr
and Lluest Pedr, p. Llandinam, co. Mont., to nephew Humphrey Hubert
Jones esq. for life; also 200. 10 to nephew Herbert Jones Jones.
100 to nephew THephilus Jones. 100 to newphew Valentine Jones. 100
to Dorothea Maria Jones, dtr. of late newphew William Jones dec'd.
300 to niece Mrs Elizabeth Walker. 100 to niece Mrs FRances
Mackenny. 300 to niece Mrs. Dorothea Philadelphia Hughes. 250 to
niece Ursula Jones due by bond etc. from her mother Mrs Dorothea Jones
widow, and 50. 100 in trust to Mrs Dorothea Jones to be equally
shared between her garndchildren Thomas, Elizabeth and Mary Faulkner.
200 to nephew Hu7mphrey Herbert Jones Robert Hughes of Plas yn
Llangoed and George Anson Walker esqa. In trust for use of Henry and
Herbert Faulkner, children of t.'s niece Charlotte Faulkner dec'd for
their support to age 14 etc.
Rest of personal estate to niece Maria Dorothea Jones (sole executrix)
Witnesses: John Evans Clark; John Hughes, fadogfrech; Hugh Jones,