Will of
Sir Andrew 
) 1467 - 1543, 26th Mar 1543

proved 31 July 1543

He acknowledged the royal supremacy but made the traditional bequest
of his soul to God, the Virgin Mary and the holy company of heaven,
and asked to be buried next to his wife in the church at Hounslow.
There followed elaborate directions for the funeral, the distribution
of alms, a month's mind and an obit for 14 years on the anniversary of
his father's death, all in addition to the chantries which he had
founded at Dorney and Stanwell. His eldest son George had died in
1520, so that the heir was his second son Sir William, who was to have
all his mother's plate and goods, while a younger son Edmund was left
all the household goods at Stoke Poges and another, Thomas, those from
the testator's chambers at London and Stanwell. The three daughters
Elizabeth, Anne and Edith had already been provided for on their
marriages to Sir Peter Vavasour, Roger Corbet and George Ludlow, but
many other smaller bequests were made to Windsor's sons, grandchildren
and the heirs of his brother, Sir Anthony, while his sister Margaret,
the late prioress of Syon, was given 80 a year from the manor of
Cranford. The executors were Sir William and Edward Windsor,
Chancellor Audley, who was given 50, and (Sir) John Baker I, who
received 30 6s.8d.; the 3rd Duke of Norfolk and Sir Anthony Windsor,
as overseers, were left 40 and 10 respectively.