Will of
Rev. Robert 
c. 1500 - c. 1570, 7th Mar 1570


Prob. 3 Mar 1570/1

In the name of God, Amen. I Robert Babpthorpe, doctor of divinitie,
beinge of hole mynde and perfite memorie makith my will and testement
as hereafter folowith. Principally I commit my selfe bothe sowle and
bodie to the mercie of God, trustinge stedfastly that by the merites
and death and passion of our savious Jesu Christ of be [sic] to the
elect to everlasting lyfe. And I will my bodie to be buried in that
parish wher it shall please Godd to call me unto his mercie without
anye pompe, but releving the poore with such things as God haithe
lent, not havinge anye doell but distributinge to the pore of the
towneshipp about Kirkdighton to soome of v li. at least. I do give to
the poore of the parishing of Preston in Holdernes xl s. To the poore
in Aschell and Rutland xxvi s. Viii d. to be distributid unti theme by
the churchewardens and twoo of the honest men of the townw. I do give
to the prisoners of the Castle of York x s. I do give to Richard
Bapthorpe of Skipwith a fetherbed and that belongithe to it that is in
the stringer[?] parlor with the coveng and x li. in monye, and my
lease of the haver close, sufferinge William Davie to have iiii. or
beast gaites therin for overseinge the close so long as the lease
indurithe. And to William Babthorpe, his brother, xx li. And because
Robert babthorpe, ther brother, is unthroftie and cannot use monye
whjen he haithe it, I will that my executors shall releve frome tymne
to tyme as he s
hall stand neede of apparell and other thinges to the soome of v li.
Item I do give to my Ladie Elizabeth Babthorpe, to my nesse Hussye and
to me nesse Francis Crake x li. to hir marriage and one Fleanders
chiste. Also for as muche I do understand that John Babtorp is alive
and lyke to be an hoest man althoughe he haith bene evill yet I will
that he have v li. of my godes. I do give Sir James Mawde one of my
longe gownes and my shorte gowne, a cassoge. I do give to evere of my
yomen there hole yere waygies and to other of my servantes there
qurter wages besyde this. Because William Dalbie jaithe bene my
servant frome his youthe upp whome alway I founde at altymes faithfull
and diligent and haith a great charge and meane farmehold I do give
him besides his wages x li. I do give to Janett Martin xx s. and
Alison Fassitt xx s. Item I will that they that be at my findinge and
receive no wagies to be parillid and cladd honestly for there decree.
I do geve to Sir William Babthorpe toward the mariage of his doughter
all the monye he owithe me. The rest of my godes not bequithid I do
givbe to my nephewe Leonard Babthorpe and William Babthorpe whome I
maike my executors, and Sir William Babthorpe the supervisour of this
my Will nd for his pains I do give him my silver goblit with coveringe
parcell gilte, my best fetherbedd and my best coveringe, my chest and
the table that is in the hall at Kirke Dighton. Anno domini 1569, 7 of
Marche. By me Roberte Babthorpe, clerke, manu propria. [no witnesses]
(Archbp. Reg. 30, ff. 166v-167r) Prob. 3 March 1570/1