1861 (UK) Census Entry for Trafford Hall, Trafford Park, Barton upon Irwell, Lancs., , England

1861 England, Wales & Scotland Census Transcription
Trafford Hall, Trafford Park, Barton upon Irwell, Lancashire, England
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First name(s) Last name Relationship Marital status Sex Age Birth
year Occupation Birth place
Humphrey Trafford Head Married Male 52 1809 ...& Landed
Proprietor Croston, Lancashire, England Transcription
Mary Annette Trafford Wife Married Female 26 1835 - Hampshire,
England Transcription
Mildred M J Trafford Daughter - Female 5 1856 - Lancashire, England
Gundrde A J Trafford Daughter - Female 0 1861 - Lancashire, England
Belinda Trafford Sister Unmarried Female 44 1817 Fund Holder Croston,
Lancashire, England Transcription
Augustus H Trafford Brother Unmarried Male 37 1824 Fund
Holder Lancashire, England Transcription
Julia Washington Hibbaber Mother In Law Married Female 50 1811 Wife Of
Landed Proprietor Hampshire, England Transcription
Winifred Julia Hibbaber Sister In Law Unmarried Female 21 1840 Daur Of
Landed Proprietor Warwickshire, England Transcription
Lydia Ann Hibbaber Sister In Law Unmarried Female 19 1842 Daur Of
Landed Proprietor Warwickshire, England Transcription
Mary Collinridge Servant Unmarried Female 49 1812 Domestic House
Keeper Hethe, Oxfordshire, England Transcription
Catherine M Rice Servant Unmarried Female 33 1828 Ladys Maid Galway,
Galway, Ireland Transcription
Angelina Evans Servant Unmarried Female 38 1823 Nurse - Transcription
Ann Wainwright Servant Unmarried Female 40 1821 Housemaid Ince,
Lancashire, England Transcription
Sarah Pause Servant Unmarried Female 14 1847 Under Nurse London,
Middlesex, England Transcription
Mary Tidyman Servant Unmarried Female 26 1835 Cook Yorkshire, England
Jane Parel Servant Unmarried Female 22 1839 Housemaid Ireland
Elizabeth Makin Servant Unmarried Female 37 1824 Laundry Maid Little
Crosby, Lancashire, England Transcription
Mary Mac Donnel Servant Unmarried Female 25 1836 Kitchen
Maid Scotland Transcription
Mary Beeson Servant Unmarried Female 17 1844 Scullery Maid Acton
Burnell, Shropshire, England Transcription
Ann White Servant Unmarried Female 21 1840 Laundry Maid Hanley,
Staffordshire, England Transcription
Elizabeth Fee Servant Unmarried Female 21 1840 Kitchen Maid Doncaster,
Yorkshire, England Transcription
Mary Ann Bayliss Servant Unmarried Female 26 1835 Dairy Maid Basford,
Shropshire, England Transcription
Ann Maria O Connell Servant Unmarried Female 36 1825 Ladys
Maid Holland (Netherlands) Transcription
Ann C Ward Servant Unmarried Female 22 1839 Ladies Maid Staffordshire,
England Transcription
Agnes Grandshaw Servant Unmarried Female 33 1828 Ladies Maid London,
Middlesex, England Transcription
William Lander Servant Unmarried Male 37 1824 Domestic Servant
Butler Hendon, Middlesex, England Transcription
Thomas Hogan Servant - Male 23 1838 Butler Ireland Transcription
James Murray Seaman Unmarried Male 25 1836 Footman Ireland
Robert Edwards Seaman Unmarried Male 26 1835 Under Coachman Camberley,
Cambridgeshire, England Transcription
Thomas Kitchings Seaman Unmarried Male 20 1841 Pad Groom Langage,
Carmarthenshire, Wales Transcription
John Holme Seaman Unmarried Male 21 1840 ... Arleston, Cheshire,
England Transcription
John Wyatt Servant Unmarried Male 21 1840 Under Gardener Swinton,
Staffordshire, England Transcription
William Braccialle Servant Unmarried Male 20 1841 Under
Gardener Baildon, Yorkshire, England Transcription
Mathew Starke Boarder Unmarried Male 26 1835 Footman Poltimore, Devon,
England Transcription
Census details
First name(s) Augustus H
Last name Trafford
Relationship Brother
Marital status Unmarried
Sex Male
Age 37
Birth year 1824
Occupation Fund Holder
Birth town -
Birth town as transcribed -
Birth county Lancashire
Birth county as transcribed LANCASHIRE
Birth place (other) England
Birth place other as transcribed TRAFFORD PARK
House name Trafford Hall
Street Trafford Park
Parish Barton upon Irwell
City or borough -
County Lancashire
Country England
Municipal ward -
Parliamentary borough -
Hamlet Whittleswick
Ecclesiastical district Eccles
Registration district Barton upon Irwell
Enumeration district 13h
Archive reference RG09
Piece number 2864
Folio 129
Page 51
Family member last name Mac Donnel, Makin, Parel, Tidyman, Pause,
Wainwright, Evans, Rice, White, Starke, Braccialle, Fee, Bayliss, O
Connell, Edwards, Ward, Grandshaw, Lander, Hogan, Murray, Kitchings,
Holme, Wyatt, Beeson, Collinridge, Hibbaber, Trafford
Family member first name(s) Mary, Elizabeth, Jane, Sarah, Ann,
Angelina, Catherine, Mathew, William, Robert, Agnes, Thomas, James,
John, Lydia, Humphrey, Mildred, Gundrde, Belinda, Augustus, Julia,
Record set 1861 England, Wales & Scotland Census
Category Census, land & surveys
Subcategory Census
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