Will of
Sir Roger 
) 1673 - 1739, 20th Nov 1719

Will of Sir Roger Mostyn, Widower of Mostyn , Flintshire
Prerogative Court of Canterbury and related Probate Jurisdictions:
Will Registers. Name of Register: Henchman Quire Numbers: 144 - 189.
Will of Sir Roger Mostyn, Widower of Mostyn , Flintshire.

Location: Mostyn , Flintshire

Held by: The National Archives, Kew - Prerogative Court of Canterbury
Date: 28 August 1739
Reference: PROB 11/697/446
Subjects: Wills and probate

Prob 11-697-446

Probate 28 Aug 1739

In the name of God Amen I Sir Roger Mostyn Bart being in perfect mind
and memory thanks be to God do make and ordain this my last will and
testament in manner following (Viz.) first I xxxx my soul into the
hands of Almighty God my maker assuredly trusting in his mercy and the
xxx of Jesus Christ my Savious and I desire to be privately interred
in the parish church of Eglwys Rhos as to my worldy estate first I
revoke all former wills and whereas there is by my marriage settlement
an annuity of one thousand pounds per annum settled upon my dear widw
I do hereby confirm the same and whereas I have power so to do I do
hereby give unto my said dear wife one further annuity or additional
yearly sum of tywo hundred pounds per annum chargeable on a payable
out of muy mannors lands tenements xxx and hereditaments in the
countys of Fflint Denbigh and Anglesey by half yearly payments at Lady
day and Michelmas by equal portions but my intent is this additional
annuity of two hundred pounds shall not be xxx xxx due or liable to be
paid untill my debts are fully paid and satisfied Item I do give to
the Rt. Honble Daniel Earl of Nottingham all those xxx xxx my said
dear wife now had in trust for my said dear wife so as she may dispose
of them but a second husband may have nothing to do with them not have
my property in them I do also give to my said dear wife all or any
part of my plate except the gilt plate which are heirlooms I do also
further give unto my said dear wife the life of my house at Mostyn
with all lands and offices and outhouses and part to possess the same
for her life willfull waste excepted my intent is that she should have
the use of them herself without paying any rent wahtever she pleases
to be there but not to let them to a tenant Item I give to my aunt
Margaret Mallot ten pounds per annum during my said wife's life and
twenty pounds per annum for the residue of her life after my said
wife's decease Item I give to Margaret Farrat for her great care of my
son Thomas and to her sister Deborah Farrat for their fidelity to my
said dear wife annuitys of ten pounds per annum eacvh Item I give to
xxx xxxx my fool and to George Parrot my sons man five pounds per
annum each all those five last annuities to be payable at Lady Day and
Michelmas out of my wife's mannors and lands in Fflintshire and
Denbighshire and Anglesey but my intent is that the two annuityes to
Margaret and Derborah shall be on condition that they continue in my
said dear wife's service and to xxx if they marry or leave her Item I
do by virtue of a power I have by my said settlem,ent revoke all
limitations of my mannors lands tenements and hereditamnets in the
county and city of Chetsre and I do give the xxxx to the said RIght
Honourable Daniel Earl of Nottingjamd the Honble Edward Ffinch
prebendary of York, the Honble Henry Ffinch Dean of York the Honble
Sir Thomas xxx Bart Peter Leigh of xxx Esqrt and my uncle Richard
Mostyn of Penbodio Esqr and their heirs in trust that out of the renst
xxxx and profits or by leasing or mortgage thereof so as the
inheritance be preserved for my son Thoams Mostyn they shall pay all
such debts as are any xxx due from me to any person and also they
shall pay such portions for my younger children and I do hereby
appoint which xxxx the sum I am impowr'd by my said settlement to xxx
on my estate in Carnarvonshire any after my said debts and the said
portions I will that the said lands and tenements in the county and
city of Chester be lyable to the said before mentioned several
annuitys Item I do give to my daughters Essex Ann and Mary the several
sums of three thousand pounds each if they attain the age of one and
twenty years or be married with the consent of my said dear wife my
son Thomas and the majority of my said xxxx but if either of myt said
daughters should be married without the said consent then I do give to
such daughter marrying without the said consents only the sum of one
hundred pounds and do in that case give the rest of her portion hereby
mentioned to my said son Thomas Mostyn Item I do give to my two
younger daughters Charlotte and Elizabeth the several sums of two
thousands pounds each under the same conditions and restitutions and
payable as I have directed for my three eldest daughters and if either
of them marry without the said consentys I give to such as marry
wityhout consent only the sum of one hundred pounds and I give the
residue of her ffortune to my said son Thoams but if either of thes
etwo youngest daughters dye before she attain the age of twenty one
years or be married with the above mentioned consents then I give one
thousand pouns of her portion to the survivor of those 2 youngest to
make the said survivor equal with the elder sisters and the other half
of her fortune that xxxx xxx xx xxx and if either of my 3 elder
daughets dye before she attains the age of one and twenty years or be
married with the above mentioned consent then my intention is that the
ffortune hereby mentioned to be given her so dying should xxx and
return yto my said son Thomas Item I do give fifty pounds for the xxx
a monument for my grandfather Darcy
Savage in the parish church of Great Sutton in the County of xxx Item
I do give to my 2nd son John Mostyn the sum of two thousand poudns
payable when he attains the age of twenty five years Item I do give my
sons Daniel and Savage the several sums of fifteen hundred pounds each
payable at the age of 25 years unless my said trustees think proper it
should be sooner paid. I do hereby subject all my lands tenements and
herediatments whatsoever to the payment of the joynture xxx to my said
dear wife by my said marriage settlement I do give all my mannors
llands tenements and hereditaments whatsoever as well xxxx as all
others particularly the reversion of the Tyth of xxx after the death
of my cousin Edward Mostyn to my son Thomas and the heirs of his body
and in default of such, to such person or persons as my house at
Mostyn is settled upon or is to go to Lastly I do consitute and
appoint my said dear wife and the said Rt Honble Daniel Earl of
Nottingham, Dabiel Lord Ffinch and the said Honble Edward ffinch the
said son xxxx xxx Ffinch the said Honble Sir Thomas xxx the said xxx
and the said RichardMpostyn guardians of my children and executors of
this my last will and testament being all writ with my own hand and
containing one sheet of paper vix one full part and this part of this
dated this thirteeth dau of November in the year of out Lord seven
teen hundred and ninteen 1719. Ro. Mostyn signbed sealed and published
by Sir Roger Molstyn Bart as his last will and testament in the
presence of who also signed in his presence B. Adcock Gerge Parker
Jos. Cretchley

On the twenty eighth day of August in the year of our Lord one
thousand seven hundred thirty nine powers are granted to Sir Thomas
Mostyn Baronet the natural and lawfull son opf Sir Roger Mostyn late
of Mostyn ion the County of Fflint Baronet. widower deceased to
administer the goods chattels and credits of the said deceased
according to the xxx and effect of the will od the said deceased (for
that residuary legatee is named in the said will and the Right
Honourable Daniel Earl of Winchilsea nd Nottingham Sir Thomas Hanmer
Baronet and Peter Legh Esquire the surviving executors have
repectively xxx the execution of the said will being first sworn duly
to administer the Right Honourable Lady Essex Mostyn the Right
Honourable Daniel Earl of Winvchilksea nd Nottingam the Honble Edard
Ffinch xxxx and Richard Mostyn the other executors dying in the
lifetime of the testator)