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Barry Ayscough writes: Legend has it that at least half the land etc. in Lincolnshire was owned at one time by an Ayscough gentleman, a solicitor by profession, which was inherited, and a lot he gained through marriage. I can't remember where I read this. The weird book titled " A Maggot " by English author John Fowles has a central character Henry Ayscough, solicitor. I don't know how much is fact or fiction. He could be the landowner that passed on property to your family, who knows! A maggot is a story or song common to a certain person. The girl in the story was one of the founders of the religous movement called the Shakers in America. Our family came from around Saltfleetby, Mandby, .Grimoldby. My G.father William emmigrated to Aust. in 1878 If you know any of our history I would love to hear from you.

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