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of Ormond


This Family is able to trace its descent from [Missing XREF c-malet63099], son or brother of William Mallet living tempo Doomsday Book (1088). His great-grandson [Missing XREF c-lebotiller63110] was appointed 1185 Hereditary Chief Butler of Ireland following invasion and conquest of that country by Henry II., King of England. From him this Family takes their name.

From [Missing XREF c-butler630022], 1st Visc. Mountgarrett, etc., descends the FAMILY [Missing XREF c-fambutler63001]".

Lines of Descent :-

Butler (16) - Power (11) - Wallis (2) -- Gemmingen von Massenbach (2) - Laurie de Massenbach (1) Butler (-) - Mathew (-) - etc.


Family Members

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