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The Dolphins of Turoe The Dolphins of Turoe, a village north of Loughrea, trace their descent from the original Anglo-Norman settlers of Connacht. In 1224, the Treaty of Windsor granted Connacht to Richard de Burgo, and John Dolfyn, who appears to have accompanied de Burgo on his invasion of the western province, was granted Galboly and Rathgorgin in the general vicinity of where the Dolphin family later became well known. In 1233, after the death of William de Burgo, Earl of Ulster, an inquisition found that Thomas Dolfyn held Rathgorgin in Kilconierin parish, and two townlands in Kilnegolan and Rathnethan. There is then a large gap in the record until we reach the 1585 Composition of Connacht, the legal device by which the Queen granted lands in Connacht to both the native Irish and the Old English occupiers. Here it is stated: "In the Barrony (sic) of Athenry there is a quantitie of land called Eraght Dolphine consisting of 27 quarters"; the document was witnessed by, among others, Redmond Dolphine. The Dolphins settled in and around Loughrea, in particular the the townland of Bullaun, which takes its name from the famous Turoe Stone, and which gave its name to the family seat, and it would appear that this family occupied roughly the same area of County Galway for the over 600 years. We begin with: Redmond Dolphin, living at Goulbully in 1691, married first Sarah M Burke, of Derryhoyle; and second, Miss Deane, by both of whom he had issue (note: The children of his first marriage established the Catholic line of the Dolphins; from the children of his second marriage was established the Protestant line of the family). The eldest son of his first marriage, John Dolphin, Esq, of Goulbully and Turoe, married Mary Geohegana of Westmeath, and had issue. The eldest son, Henry Dolphin, Esq, married first Helen, daughter of Martin Martyn, of the Tullira family, and second Miss Skerrett of Ballinduff (c 1790s). By his first wife he had issue, 1. John Dolphin, Esq (see below) 2. Oliver Dolphin, of Loughrea, married 1770, Margaret-Helen, daughter of Lewis Collin, of Dublin, and died 1805, leaving issue, Hubert Thomas Dolphin (heir to his uncle; see below) Anthony Dolphin, died unmarried Paul Dolphin, of Loughrea, married Miss Burke, of Spring Garden Henry Dolphin, of Loughrea, married first, a daughter of Pierce Blake Esq, of Holly Park, Co Galway; and secondly, Miss Skerrett of the Ballinduff family. By his first wife he had issue, Pierce Dolphin (his heir) Anthony Dolphin Anne Dolphin 3. Henry Dolphin, who died unmarried 4. Thomas Dolphin, in the Spanish service, who married a Mexican lady 5. Margaret Dolphin, who married Dominick Burke, Esq, of Killymor. John Dolphin, Esq, (see above) of Turoe, married Eleanor, daughter of John Burke, of St Clerans, and had daughters only, 1. Jane Dolphin, a nun in the convent of Loughrea. 2. Margaret Dolphin, married 1790, John Browne, Esq, of Moyne, with issue, Michael J. Browne, Esq., of Moyne. Anne Browne Maria Browne, eldest daughter of John Browne of Moyne, married Charles Austin French, third Baron French of Castlefrench; she died June 1827. 3. Anne Dolphin, a nun in the convent of Loughrea. 4. Celia Dolphin, married John McDonnell, of Carnacon, with issue, Joseph McDonnell. A daughter married Hyacinth Cheevers, of Killyfin A daughter married Christopher O'Connor, of Miltown. 5. Eleanor Dolphin, married in 1802 Thomas Redington, of Ryehill, with issue, 1. Eleanor Redington, who married Stephen Roche of Ryehill 2. Mary Redington 3. Anne Redington 4. Jane Redington, who died unmarried in 1830 5. Sarah Redington, who married, as his first wife, Michael Balfe of South Park, Co Roscommon. She died without issue in 1833 6. Elizabeth Redington, who married first a Mr. Moynaghan, Esq., and secondly, in 1842, to Robert Bodkin of Annagh, Co Galway. 6. Sally Dolphin married, as his first wife, Michael Balfe, of South Park (father of Michael Balfe, husband of Sarah Redington (see above). He married second, in 1819, Alicia, widow of Christopher Taaffe, and daughter of Thomas Smith of Fort Castle, Philipstown, King's County). She left issue, A daughter, who married J.J. Murphy, Esq, a master in Chancery. 7. Elizabeth Dolphin married Edmond Balfe, of Marlborough Street, Dublin. *John Dolphin, of Turoe, dying without male issue, was succeeded by his nephew, Hubert Thomas Dolphin. Hubert Thomas Dolphin, Esq, of Turoe, married in 1804, Mary, daughter of Peter Grehan, Esq, of Dublin, by his wife, Mary, daughter of Stephen Roche, Esq, of Limerick, and of Granagh Castle, Co Kilkenny, and has issue, 1. Oliver Dolphin, Esq (his heir) 2. Peter Hubert Dolphin, of Danesfort, Co Galway, married, in 1852, Antoinette, daughter of Peter McEvoy, Esq, of Great Cumberland Place, and Wimbleden, Surrey, with issue. 3. Margaret Dolphin, married James Daly, Esq, of Castle Daly 4. Anastasia Dolphin, a nun of the Carmelite Convent, Loughrea 5. Lucy Dolphin, a nun of the Carmelite Convent, Loughrea 6. Anne Dolphin married Peter Daly, Esq, of Daly's Grove, Co Galway, JP (brother of James Daly, Esq, of Castle Daly 7. Helen Dolphin, a nun in Westport 8. Monica Dolphin. Hubert Thomas Dolphin Esq, died in 1829, and was succeeded by his eldest son, Oliver Dolphin, Esq, of Turoe.

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