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formerly of Lyttleton, NZ

Ascendant Family:
  formerly of Brewood



Of the two sons of "Charles Fowke (1805-1882)" -- 9th son of the emminent "Nawab of India" "Francis Fowke (1755-1819)" of Boughrood Castle -- who founded families in Australasia, here treated is the so-named FAMILY "FOWKE, formerly of Lyttleton, N.Z." founded by the elder son "Charles Edward Fowke ((1826-1904?)" who in 1864 with his wife and five children emigrated to New Zealand on the ship "Indian Empire". His younger brother "Edward Fowke (1835-1909)", founding ancestor of the so-named FAMILY "FOWKE, formerly of Braidwood, N.S.W." treated elswhere, emigrated to Australia with his wife and 4 children, taking also his then 59 year old father with him, one year later. Ray Fowke See also "FOWKE, formerly of Brewood" "FOWKE, formerly of Newcastle-upon-Tyne" "FOWKE, formerly of Carmarthan" "FOWKE, formerly of Braidwood, N.S.W." "FOWKE, formerly of Gunston" "FOWKE of Lowesby, Bart.."t

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