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Burke's Landed Gentry, ed. 1937 - Langdale of Houghton "29th August 1868 The original of the following notice from Sir Thomas Fairfax, the Parliamentary General, to the Constable of Mirfield, in 1642, was discovered among the Turner MSS., and placed in the collection of the Huddersfield Archaeological Association :- "To THE CONSTABLE OF MIRFIELD. "Whereas the Earle of Newcastle Sir Wm. Savile Sir Marmaduke Langdale Sir Ingram Hopton Francis Nevile Esq., and others of that pty, have brought into this county a great army of Papists and persons ill affected to the peace of the country under a pretence of mainteying the ptestant Religion and the lawes of the land intending no other than the utter overthrow of both religion and lawes as apeareth by their irreligious and unlawfull practices in grinding the faces or his Mats. best subjects by pillaging and plundring their houses, inprisoning and abusing of their psons and imposing on them such grievous tax and intollerable pressure as hath already in pt consumed and will shortly exhaust the whole treasure of this flourishing County, for the penting of wch injuries having at lenath received many armes more strength, and commandes to assist the inhabitants of these pts wch through God's assistance have resisted the said Popish army with incredible success I do hereby require you to give Notice hereof to all the Inhabitants in yor constablery that bee of able bodyes from the age of 16 to 60 to command them to repair to Almondbury or some other place near Mirfeld upon Saturday next being the 29th day of this instant January by 9 a.m. eache with the best weapons they can procure, and there to stay till they receive further orders from mee that by unanimous consent wee may through the help of God drive out the Popish army, establish peace in this county and obteyne free trading again to the comfortable support of poore and rich. Let evy man that is able bring with him 4 or 5 dayes pvision and let the poorer sort bee furnished by yu the Constable out of yr comon pocke for ye like time Hereof fail yu not at ye prill as yu tende yor owne good and the good of this bleeding and distressed country. Given under my hand at Bradford the 19th day of January, 1642. "THO. FAIRFAX." The words in italics are interlined, in lieu of the words " Bradford upon Friday" 28th, and "I shall furnish every man with arms befitting him that is unprovided for ;" and lead to the conclusion, that it was a general notice addressed originally to Bradford and altered to other constableries. It is endorsed " To the Constable of Mirfield." "

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