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The Founding Ancestor of this Family, this Clan, is considered to have been [Missing XREF c-macalpine40037] who united the old Gaelic kingdoms of Alba for the fist time, by 846 became firmly established as King of Scotland.

Ian Gimble has written that "although 'MacAlpine' is used as a surname to this day, there is little evidence of an effective clan of that name in historical record. Generally the term employed is Siol Ailpein - the descendants of Alpin. Among those who have claimed this distinction are the Mackinnons, the MacQuarries, the MacGregors, the Grants, the MacNabs, and the MacAulays. The paradox is that these clans did not combine to make Siol Ailpein an effective confederation like that of the Clan Chatton. Certainly the most ignominious fate that befell Alpin's descendants was that suffered by the MacGregors whose motto is "Is rioghal mo dhream" - my blood is royal.

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