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The founder of this family is Anthony /Ommanney/ b. 1676 Other members and their families who undoubtedly belong are: Jane /Ommaney/ marr. 1825 Francis /Ommanney/ marr. 1837 Henry Mortlock /Ommanney/ b. 1818 J. Pipon /Ommanney/ b. ca 1835 {Col.} Montagu Willes /Ommanney/ 1840-1912 Frederick Francis /Ommanney/ marr. 1863 Georgiana Onseley /Ommanney/ marr. 1866 Mary Agnes /Ommanney/ marr. 1869 George Stewart /Ommanney/ 1859-post1912 Walter Montagu /Ommanney/ 1885- E.O. /Ommanney/

Family Members

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