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Thanks to Dorothy Gaunt's Wills website recommended 18 April, 2002 www.scottishdocuments.com/content/default.asp of "defuncts" in Scottish Wills I was able, for the sum of five pounds, to download 5 pages of Hon. Charles Stuart's will. He was in Bengal in 1770's - 1793 a member of the Supreme Council and a commercial expert on whose advice Lord Cornwallis depended a great deal in drawing up of rules regulating the trade & commerce of the E.I. Co. He was a son of 7th Lord Blantyre. Details of his will made 10th November, 1819 New Norfolk St., Park Lane died 2 May 1821. Beneficiaries To his nephews and niece (children of Alexander late Lord Blantyre) Patrick Stuart, William Stuart and Charles Francis Stuart Five thousand pounds each and Margaret Stuart wife of Rev. Dr. Stewart, four thousand pounds Two thousand pounds each to his nephews James Stuart EIC and Charles Stuart EIC and niece Anna Maria Brooks, wife of Thomas Brooks EIC, (children of his brother late Lieut. Col James Stuart, First Reg. Foot Guards, killed 15 March, 1781 at Battle of Guildford, American War of Independence). Four thousand pounds each to his nephew Oliver Colt and niece Margaret Colt, children of his sister Helen Colt of Half Moon Street, London Lease of his house No. 20 New Norfolk Street, Park Lane to Charles Stuart in EIC Bengal with all the furniture, effects, plate and goods therein. To his servants Alexander Graham, three thousand pounds and to Anna Swan(?) and Jean Cowan five hundred pounds each free of any duty etc. Remainder of his estate to his nephew, Robert Walter, 11th Lord Blantyre. I 'd be pleased to hear from anyone interested in the families mentioned above. In 1831/2 Charles Stuart was living in New Norfolk Street and James Stuart in 63 Portland Place (sons of Late Lt. Col. James Stuart) Lord Cornwallis was commanding officer in Battle of Guildford when Lt.Col. James Stuart was killed. He was also Gov. General in Bengal when Hon. Charles Stuart was member of Supreme Council. (see my other email re American War of Independence) Thanks, Eileen Pye in sunny, too dry, Brisbane. eileenpye@bigpond.com ______________________________

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