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Burke's Commoners: The following extract from an old parchment, dated in 1640 , exhibits the source whence the family, of which we are about to treat, derived a portion of its early inheritance: "It doth appear by a deed, maid in the 4th year of Richard ye first, the land now in our possession in Bicarsteth and Houghton , wear given in free mariage by William , son of William , son of Simon de Bicarsteth , of Bicarsteth , with Ann , his daughter, who did marrie Ralph , son of Henry Mossocke , wch messuage was called Tenescohenet , and by some old deeds Heathen Head; and the crest then belonging to Mossocke was an oake wth achornes "The next marriage we find any mention of is Henry , the son of Thomas Mossocke , who did marry Johan , the first daughter of Alen Norres , in the reign of Henry ye first, wth whom he had severall lands in Wolfall , Walton , Speake , Ditton and Hipton ." "The next to this we find anything of, is Henry , son of Thomas Mossocke , who did marry one of the daughters of Philip Wettvall , of Choaviston , in Cheshire , knt. by whom he had land there to the value of forty pounds p: an: which was by his son sould to the Lord Chancellor Egerton : this marriage was solemnized in the reign of Philip and Mary." "Then Thomas , son of ys Henry , did marrie with Margrett , daughter of Laurance Ireland , of Lidiatt , esq. and Ann , one of the daughters of Mollinux of the Wood , esq. in the begining of Queen Elizabeth's raign, by whom he was to haue the reversion of a lease wthout impeachment of waste of Conschoe for thirty and one years, but he dieing before it fell, his heir being an infant was defeated of it." "Henry Mossock , son of Thomas , did marrie Jane , the daughter of John More , of Bankhall , esq. Her mother being the daughter of Edward Scasbrick , of Scasbrick , esq. in the reign of K. James ye st: by whom he had in portion 400 and 50 pounds." "Thomas , son of Henry , did marrie the youngest daughter of Thomas Berrington , of Molte Hall , in ye county of Salope , esq. in ye raign of our soveraign Lord Charles ye st: an: 1638 . And to a second wife he married, Ann Urmestone , the daughter of Richard Urmestone , ye year 1650 being of West Leight , and having no heirs it fell to his brother Henry , who never marriing, it came to Richard Walmesley , of Showley , his father, Thomas Walmesley , haveing married ye sister of ye said Thomas and Henry Mossocke ." Thomas Walmesley , living in the twenty-second of Henry VII. m. Elizabeth , daughter of William Travers , of Neathby , in the county of Lancaster , and was father of another Thomas Walmesley , living in the twenty-eighth of Henry VIII. who wedded Margaret , daughter of - Livesay , of Livesay , in Lancashire , and died on the 17 Apr 1584 , having had eight sons and two daughters. Arms-Gu. on a chief erm. two hurts. Crest-A lion statant guardant, ducally crowned gu. granted 20 Aug 1560 , in the reign of Elizabeth. The Walmesleys were long in possession of the arms prior to the grant of this crest, which was given to them, having lost their former one. Estates-In Lancashire . Seat-Sholley See Burke's Commoners.

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