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Part of a family by the 17th century well established among the Livery Companies of the City of London was Edward Walshe who married in the Parish of St Nicholas Cole Abbey, 1602, Margaret Styleman, daughter of a family, like the Walsh Family, of London Merchants. Direct descent can be traced from [Missing XREF c-walsh10264], appointed in 1682 Assistant in the Accomptant's Office, East India House, London. It was the Hon. East India Company the family thereafter loyally served for more than 150 years of of its rule in India.

Family Members

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      formerly Benn
    Lines of Descent (Plantagenet) Beaufort (12) - Neville (4) - Dyneley (1) - Davys/Davies (1) - Maskelyne(3) - Walsh (1) - Fowke (4) - Wallis (1) - Gemmingen von Massenbach (2) - Laurie de Massenbach (1) (Count Felix III., * 1989)

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