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Heinrich VII 
Reffle von Richtenberg
c. 1415 - 1477

Heinrich VII 
Reffle von Richtenberg
, 33rd Grand Commander of the Teutonic Knights (1470-77, acting to 29 Sep 1470)). Teutonic Knights' residence 1457-1525 was : Krolewiec (Konigsberg) the Wikipedia entry: Heinrich Reffle von Richtenberg (died 1477 in KŔonigsberg) was the 33rd Grand Master of the Teutonic Knights. After the Second Peace of Thorn of 1466, the Teutonic Order had been defeated and weakened. His predecessor Heinrich Reu¤ von Plauen even had delayed his election in order to avoid having to pay homage to the King of Poland. The main struggle in Prussia during the tenure of Heinrich Reffle von Richtenberg the socalled War of the Priests, a dispute between the Bishopric of Warmia, which had claimed to had received Prince-Bishopric status by emperor Karl IV a century ago, and the Polish king Casimir IV. The Order successfully supported Nicolaus von Tnngen. By custom, the members of the Order did not marry, so he had neither wife nor descendants. ---------- Malbork Castle was located on the River Nogat in Marienburg and building began in the 1270s. Since deposits of clay were in the region, bricks could be built in the immediate vicinity. Forests were cleared and limestone quarries were excavated. Malbork was thought to have been built by master-builders from Silesia, and the labor was provided by Prussian workers. The Castle was finished around 1280. The Teutonic convent from Zantra then moved to the new castle.

Born: c. 1415Baptised:
Died: Koenigsberg, , East Prussia, Germany 20th Feb 1477 Buried:
Reffle von Richtenberg


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Heinrich VII 
Reffle von Richtenberg
c. 1415 - 1477


Refflin von Richtenberg
von Massenbach
) + post 1454


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c. 1415Born
2nd Jan 1470
Heinrich VII 
Reffle von Richtenberg
c. 1415 - 1477 inherited the title
Teutonic Order
  [Grand Master]
20th Feb 1477Died Koenigsberg, East Prussia, Germany
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