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Ostrorog, h. Nalecz. Adam, Marcin, Aleksander and Isodore (sons of Josef-Kajetan) obtained the hereditary title of Counts in Galicia from Emperor Josef II on 17th March 1783. Josef, a descendant of Marcin, appeared in the 1824 list of persons authorised to bear the title of Count in the Kingdom of Poland. Roza, nee Glogowska (widow of Andrzej-Mikolaj-Josef, the son of Marcin) obtained Russian confirmation of the title for herself and her son, Leopold-Wladyslaw on 28th June 1844. Leopold-Wladyslaw did not have any issue and accordingly adopted Antoni-Wladyslaw-Ignacy Wolski. On the 22nd December 1903 Leopold secured permission from the Russian Counci of State for Antoni to bear the title of Count as well as the surname of Ostrorog-Wolski. See - http://www.geocities.com/polishnobles/Counts.html


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