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formerly of Nun Ormsby


The Founding Ancestor of this family is Thomas Wallis (* ca.1659), Gentleman, of Nun Ormsby, Lincolnshire, noted in Doomsday (1080-90) as North Ormsby (Ormesbi) in the possession of the Bishop of Lincoln, from him to Ivo Tailbois (nephew of William the Conqueror) and Wimund, and from them to Drogo de Beuvriere and Geoffrey. Catholic Record Soc., Vol.XXXV., 1936 Catholic Recusancy in Yoprk 1558-1791, pub. Catholic Record Soc. 1970 Catholic Register for Little Blake Chapel (subs. St Wilfred's R.C. Church), 1771-1858. College of Physicians. Lincs Pedigrees - Harlean Soc. 1904 - "Wallis of Nun Ormsby". Nat. Dict. Biography.

Family Members

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