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formerly of Gurteen

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According to tradition the family POWER (otherwise Le POER or de POHER) originated in Brittany. They expressed their ancient nobility in the total surrender of their lives to their lords for whom they acted as grooms in charge of their horses. Carrying nothing themselves they were "poor". Sometime after 1066 they followed William the Conqueror to England. One hundred years later Sir Robert (or Roger) Le Poer (+ post/1179) accompanied "Strongbow" in his invasion of Ireland, his son John Le Poer (* ante/1179) founding the family in Ireland. Two hundred years elapse before a definiative lineage can be established, namely from David Le Poer (liv. ca.1370). His descendent Sir Richard Poer (or Power), Knight (+ 1538/39), Sheriff of co. Waterford, was created by patent 13 Sept 1535 in "tail male" Baron of Le Power and Corroghmore, recognising the family as one of the foremost in Ireland. The surname "de la POER" soon became interchangable with "POWER", not until 19th century became fixed again when the children of John William Power (1816-51), de jure 17th Lord Le Poer & Corroghmore, by Royal licence reassumed that name. However, other branches of this flourishing family continue to use the surname "POWER".

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